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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q We are using the PMD-5103 Stepper Driver which we are most satisfied of. Actually, We have already purchased several. In a new task, we make use of its 'on board' oscilator. Is there an option to monitor the internally generated clocks?
A Yes. There is a feedback pin on the control terminal, pin number 3 that reflects the positive limit switch status or provides an output channel for the internal clock. Selection between these two options is made by DIP Switch number 4. Kindly set DIP Sw.#4 to on, and you'll get the clock output. Kindly note that the output circuit is of TTL OC nature. In case you'll like to connect a scope rather than a TTL circuit, please add 1K to 4.7K Resistor between this output pin (#3) to +5V pin (#5).

Q Is the PMC-54300-D a 3 Axis Stepper Controller or 4 Axis Stepper Controller?
A The PMC-54300-D is a 4 Axis Stepper Controller DSP based. Its software package is very wide and includes several free extra programs as the SuperiorCNC, MotoRunner, LabVIEW drivers, Windows 32bit API and HPGL import support. The SuperiorCNC operates 3 Axis only, while the 4th Axis hardware is used as an additional X Axis in XXYZ applications, with the ability of running at the same direction or at the oposite direction of the X Axis. The MotoRunner and 32bit API operates the complete hardware package of 4 Axis, with an extra ability of driving up to 16 stepper drivers by a single PMC-54300-D controller. All Series-5000 compatible drivers fit this operation, and any non series-5000 driver with Enable/Disable input has a certain level of fitness.

Q I am looking for a Stepper driver for driving 2 Amp Stepper. The driver signal inputs should stand 24 Volts, as I'm using a PLC to control it. Do you have a low cost stepper driver for such a job.
A All our Stepper Drivers withstand 24 Volts at their signal input lines. Several of them has "GO" input in addition to the "Clock" and "Direction" input, as well as "End of Travel" inputs. All these lines operate well in "0 to 24 Volt" signals, as well as in "0 to 5 Volts" TTL level. The PMD-5103 is the lowest cost Stepper Driver to drive 2 Amp per phase and to withstand 24 Volts in its signal input lines.

Q Does your products conforms to FCC and CE standards regulations ?
A Yes, our products conforms to the FCC and CE regulations.

Q What kind of motors can your motion system handle ?
A In an attempt to be as efficent as possible and get the most of our motors, our system was specially developed to handle bipolar stepper motors. However, our system is just as equipped to operate unipolar motors. It is best to locate your local representative with the specs of the motor you wish to operate and appropriate instructions will be provided.

Q What is the Series-5000 max. motor speed ?
A In certain combinations, motor speed can reach 5000RPM, however, the machines are usually limited to a max. speed of 3000RPM. Ultimately, motor speed is defined according to parameters such as the system load, driver/controller types and power supply. Kindly provide more details about your project and we shall be glad to offer you our best recommendation.

Q What is the programming language used in the Superior Solutions software ?
A There are 3 programming language options available when developing an application with Series 5000 products: The recommended option - utilizing graphic icons and an interactive windows-based questioning system, enabling the user to express himself in a user-friendly, uncomplicated manner. Another option is the use of API commands for creating customized stand-alone applications. The final option is the incorporation of an HP-GL definition to the device, according to which the system operates automatically. Whether using the HP-GL or the the interactive icons options, the final output is a code constructed of words in English which the user can access and edit through the dialog boxes.

Q Are you represented in South Africa?
A No, Not yet. Superior Solutions is looking for potential representatives, world wide. Distributors and system houses are wanted, in order to market our unique, updated and innovative products to Hi-Tec Industrial customers around the world.

Q I have to connect your system (combining the PMD-5303) to an existing machine in which the Limit Switches are in ‘Normally Open’ mode, in opposition to the Series 5000 recommendation. Can it be done ?
A Yes, it certainly can and has been taken into account in the PMD-5303 development and design. All you have to do is move the DIP switch no. 6 to ‘On’.

Q How is motor addressing handled with Series 5000 ?
A Each driver’s address is defined by Software, DIP switches or jumpers (according to driver model) located on the driver and is determined by the user in the system construction stage.

Q Which Bus formats does Superior Solutions offer ?
A Board-level controllers are available in ISA, PCI, and PC/104 bus formats.


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