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About our products

Superior-Solutions specialize in PC control of bipolar stepper motors and offer cost effective, high-quality products suited for a wide range of applications.

Our products are easy to use and simple to integrate into any application.

Our software package includes API, G-Code Module, HPGL Import Support, and Machine Sequencing Script Editor/Debugger, with enhanced customization options, for fastest implementation.

Our product line includes pre assembled wiring harnesses, pre assembled limit switch cables, Relays and Optic Isolated Conditioning boards and various power supplies, enabling our customers setting up a system in minutes.


Our current line of controllers includes PCI, ISA and PC/104 support:
PMC-54300-D 4 Axis High Speed Step Motor Controller The PMC-54300-D, PCI Stepper/Servo-Step Controller was designed to stand extreme Noisy Industrial Environment while operating up to 16 motors, 4 at a time, and 24 Relays, in a verity of tasks, as vending, milling, pick & place, machinery, factory automation, test automation, research etc.

The PMC-54300-D is bundled with a wide range of free software support such as SuperiorCNC with G-Code support, , Labview Drivers, Motorunner - Machine operation environment with Script editor, HPGL support, Debugger, and file manager.

This remarkable software support package enables the user to implement our controllers in almost any possible industrial, academic or research field.

Cost sensitive projects may be handled by specially populated controller versions as PMC-54300-3 for 3 Axis systems, or PMC-54300-2 for 2 Axis systems.

Multi-axis systems of up to 16 motors, can be easily handled by a single PMC-54300-D Controller, and several PMD-53031 Triple-axis Drivers.

RFI/EMI immunity All PMC-54300-D Motor Control and Motor Feedback lines are Optic Isolated at the controller level rather than Driver level, a fact that minimizes the host computer interference by RFI/EMI noise.

Customers that are facing RFI/EMI interference problems are invited to test our complete systems, including our pre assembled harness cables and special framed motors, enjoying highest immunity system at real moderate price.

PMC-54200 1-16 Axis High Speed Step Motor Controller

The PMC-54200 is an ISA Step Motor Controller, with high RFI/EMI noise immunity, FCC approved, bundled with the rich and easy to operate, MotoRunner software, that allows you controlling up to 16 steppers, up to 4 motors at a time, by a single PMC-54200 Controller.

PMC-53100 3 Axis High Speed Step Motor Controller

The PMC-53100 Stepper Controller was designed in a compact PC/104 format. Its small dimension enables building miniature machine, with a cube 100x100x100mm complete controller.

The following models are at Beta stage, and will phase in shortly:

PMC-54300-ADE 1-16 Axis High Speed Motor & machine Controller
This controller is a PCI based, enhanced speed and functions unit, aimed at low to mid range machines, eliminating the need for additional Digital or Analog cards to fulfill the job.

The PMC-54300-ADE includes 48 Digital I/O lines, 8 Analog input lines and 2 Analog output lines, in addition to its 28 dedicated Optic-Isolated motor control and feedback lines.

The controller’s Hardware is backward compatible to the original PMC-54200, ISA controller, a fact that would make upgrading a breeze job, while those who prefer sticking to the old card can relax, as a phase out notification is not expected in the foreseen future.

PMC-51100 1- 4 Axis High Speed Stepper & machine Controller
This controller is a PC/104 based Stepper Motor & machine controller, that is aimed to control small machines or stand alone tasks, without the need for additional Relays or Isolation boards.

The PMC-51100 includes 8 Relays and 8 channels Optic-Isolated input port, in addition to its 7 dedicated motor control and feedback lines. It controls up to 4 Series-5000 Stepper drivers, one at a time, and it runs the standard MotoRunner software.

All our controllers have the same isolation method. All motor control lines are Optically Isolated at the Controller end, rather than at the Driver's end. This method, eliminates long non-isolated signal lines from running between the drivers to the controller, enabling simply and easy wiring, CE and FCC approved.

Moreover, Series-5000 program includes standard connectors on each module, Controller, Driver or Motor, as well as low cost pre assembled cables, that makes system wiring a breeze job, several minutes at most...


Superior Solutions offers a wide range of versatile and powerful step motor drivers
Ranging from low-cost 1 Amp Half-Step driver to a state-of-the-art, 60V 6 Amp Micro-Step driver, with multiple options and features as Analog Position Compare functions, DC emulated Step Drivers, completely software set drivers, Acceleration/Deceleration rate limiting option, preset moves and sequences option and different speeds set to different tasks. All the drivers are tuned to the most powerful and reliable performance available.

Our current line of drivers includes the following models:

PMD-5103-D – 3Amp, 1600 Micro-Steps per revolution, CE FCC Approved Stepper Driver

The PMD-5103-D, stepper motor driver, is addressable Clock & Direction controlled. The input signal may be 5V TTL level while supporting the extended range of up to 30 Volts as well. It may operated by positive or negative signal. The driver's extended input range makes it compatible to most available controllers.

The driver has 2 Enable (Select) lines, that together with the 2 on board Addressing DIP switches, can easily share 3 additional drivers on the same signal bus.

As a Series-5000 compatible driver, the PMD-5103-D has 3 switch inputs. 2 for positive and negative Limit switch inputs, (End of travel switches), and 1 for reference input switch.

These lines operate in a range of 5 to 30 Volts, and can withstand negative voltage as well.

We recommend the use of N.C. (Normally Close) switches, for higher security level, but there is an on board Logic DIP switch, to tune the driver to N.O. logic, for those who insist on using this method.

In case of "open collector" type, Limit switch, we recommend using NPN type, with 0 volts at normal, "open" while Limit is reached, or table is beyond End of travel point. Opposite logic may be used as well, while setting the appropriate DIP- Switch.

This driver has two different current potentiometers. "Main", for setting motor's running current, and "Idle", for setting motor's idling (standby) current. According to our experience, you may leave them at their default position, while using 2.5 to 5 Amp per phase motors.

As long as motor's task is driving horizontal table etc, the 30% factory default idling setup makes the right choice. Whenever handling a vertical oriented table or so like, setting DIP-Switch #1 to "on" will force 100% current at idle, which will usually make the right choice.

In case you will need or insist on setting the current, you'll find it a very simple task, and you'll be able to set easily, both "running" and "idling" current, to any desired value.

All our drivers has an on board oscillator for manual (or service) moves, while not operating by the host computer, that has a manual mode of its own.

The PMD-5103-D oscillator has beside an on board "Speed" potentiometer, a DC input pin, at the "AUX" connector that can serve both an external potentiometer or any DC voltage source, to define "manual" speed.

Last special feature of this Stepper Driver is it's on board Preset Operator. This preset facility enables the elimination of controller boards in extreme simple tasks.

All Series-5000 drivers are built to meet the guidelines of this product family. Quick Integration, cable and connector compatibility, wide input range, addressable option for economic solutions and limit switch support to ensure highest operational security level.

PMD-53031-DOF Triple 3Amp, 48VDC, 400/4000 Micro-Steps Driver

The PMD-53031-DOF, is an addressable drive unit, consist of three independent enhanced speed and output power, Clock & Direction Micro-Step Drivers.

The driver is Series-5000 compatible, with built in facilities for automatic current reduction at idling, Limit-Switches wide range conditional inputs and system compatible outputs, enhanced local controlling means, widely settable manual operation speed and wide operational power source, include both single and dual source option.

This high performance driver is capable of driving NEMA23 Steppers to extreme speed range of up to 6000 RPM.

Driver's step resolution may be easily switched from Half to Micro by the controller, for widest system performance.

The PMD-53031 by its high performance features, and by its triple structure, makes it a remarkable efficient price/performance solution.

4 PMD-53031 Drivers may share a single Series-5000 Controller card, building the most efficient, price/performance grade system.

PMD-5101-DL Low Cost Enhanced 1Amp, Half-Step Driver

The PMD-5101-DL, is an addressable 1Amp Clock & Direction Stepper Driver.

The driver is Series-5000 compatible, with built in facilities for automatic current reduction at idling, Limit-Switches wide range conditional inputs and system compatible outputs.

The PMD-5101-DL is the lowest cost Stepper Driver that is Series-5000 compatible, and it is capable of driving NEMA23 Steppers at high speed of 3000 RPM and beyond. The driver is small in size, 85x55x30 mm, in its smallest version, while it is capable of handling up to 2Amp continuously, once its heat sink is enhanced and its power limit is changed. These special abilities along with its built in input protection circuits make it most reliable and high resistance creature for both Industrial hostile environment and novice threat.

Step Motors
Wide range of Step Motors for various applications

Stepping motors provide a low-cost alternative for automation applications requiring high torque at low speed, low torque at high speed, and medium power systems.

The Stepper motors are of a Digital nature. They are simply, easily and most economically controlled, while most accurate results are being achieved by "open-loop" systems.

Stepper Motor systems do not require sophisticated and sensitive tuning as Servo Systems do, they usually don't need encoders and other high cost position feedback, which makes them the ideal choice for demanding automation applications requiring precise positioning and velocity control at a reasonable price.

The Steppers are divided into several groups, defined by size, NEMA-11 to NEMA-42, by shape, Round or Square, and by their output shaft, Geared or Direct.

Superior Solutions is not an Original Motor Manufacturer. Nevertheless, its wide range of steppers, Geared-Motors and direct drive ones, and its special design ones, with high RFI/EMI noise immunity, and relatively low price, make it a very popular motors source.

Special notice should be relate to some of the motors in our range:


This Stepper Motor is specially designed to meet FCC requirement. Which means that while using this motor, along with the appropriate pre assembled cable, and Series-5000 Driver and Controller, the motor will withstand hostile EMI/RFI Industrial Noise, while at the same time, it will neither radiate nor reflect EMI/RFI noise at a level that might interfere sensitive instrumentation.

This motor is of NEMA-23 in size, Round shape, 1.8 Deg. per step, Bipolar type, 3 Amp per phase and has a holding torque of 5.5 Kg*cm.

This motor is supported by our PMD-5103-D, PMD-53031 and PMD-5101, while in the PMD-5101 case, at low speed, the PM-5232-5520-D1 might provide a higher output torque.

Relay Boards
Complete I/O Solution Products

Superior Solutions offers a complete solution for motion control systems. In addition to our wide range of Motors, Drivers, Controllers, Software, Cables and Connectors Superior Solutions offers a range of generic I/O control boards that connects directly to our controller boards with the supplied standard cable (No wiring required, no special knowledge required).

Our I/O control boards include Relay Boards, Isolated I/O Boards, Simple Screw Terminal Board with LED status Indicators etc.

The following models can be ordered from our stock:

PMI-3030 24 Relays Board with on board Screw Terminal Bus

This Relays board supports our PMC-54300 Stepper and Machine Controllers with 'D' and 'ADE' suffix, that have on board Digital I/O support.

PMI-3003 24 Isolated Digital Input Board with Screw Terminal Bus
This Isolation board is an ideal way to prevent the host computer from being interfered by RFI/EMI noise that might be received while acquiring remote Digital status from noisy machines through long distance wires.

This board supports our PMC-54300 Stepper and Machine Controllers with 'D' and 'ADE' suffix, that have on board Digital I/O support.

Wiring Cables
Cables, Connectors, Power Supply, Switches and more.

Superior Solutions offers a wide range of cables and interface modules that saves you time and money. While purchasing a motion control system from Superior Solutions, you can purchase the appropriate pre assembled cables as well, and put the system together in minutes, without being expert or hiring experts to put it together.

Pre assembled cables, dedicated power supplies and friendly integration software can change system integration task into a simple and creative one.

Series-5000 Overview
The latest and most innovative Motion Control product series from Superior Solutions, based on a completely new outlook towards Motion System Development.



We specialize in PC control of unipolar stepper motors, and offer low-cost, high-quality products suited for a wide range of stepper motor control applications. Our products are also easy to use--you can have your controller, software, and motors setup in just a few minutes! Alternatively we offer our in house products that may be assembled as building blocks and integrated at no time to your system. We can give you a turn-key solution or just the optimized controller.


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