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Manchester City Erling Haaland Hat-Tricks in the English Premier League Number 2 in less than 6 games. It is now possible that Erling Haaland could surpass the Premier League single-season goals record.

What is the record for most Premier League goals in a season? Liverpool’s Mo Salah holds the record for most goals in a single 38-game EPL season when he netted 32 for Klopp’s Liverpool in 2017/2018. Alan Shearer and Andy Cole had 34 in a 42-game season.

What record did Haaland break in the EPL?

Norway striker Erling Haaland broke the Premier League goalscoring record in City’s 6-0 win over Nottingham Forest with a second hat-trick of the week. CNN reported that Haaland has now scored a remarkable nine goals in his first five Premier League appearances, beating the previous record of eight set by Mick Quinn and City’s all-time top scorer Sergio Agüero.

Erling Haaland’s Hat-Tricks in the Premier League: Record Goals

Haaland celebrated wildly after scoring his hat-trick against Nottingham Forest.

Barring injury, Erling Haaland will break the EPL goal record this season. You can book it now. With the number of chances City have created and the lad’s prolific goals, that seems almost certain. The only questions before were how fast it could install, if it would match the EPL, etc. 9 goals in 5 games are the answer to these questions. Again, assuming he is injury free and plays at least 34 games or thereabouts… Erling Haaland has proven he can score around 40 GOALS and up to 6 or 7 hat tricks in the Premier League this season.

Here are the players who have scored the most goals in a Premier League season?

  • Egyptian king Mohamed Salah: 32 goals (2017/18)
  • Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo 2007-08 (31 goals)…
  • Alan Shearer 1995-96 (31 goals)…
  • Alan Shearer 1993-94 (31 goals)…
  • Spurs Harry Kane 2017-18 (30 goals) ..

One of his biggest attributes is how much he values ​​his teammates and he always keeps a cool head. Don’t go too high after a hat trick or too low after not scoring. Its maturity is a little underestimated.

Who has scored the most Premier League hat-tricks in a season?

EPL all-time top scorer Alan Shearer tops the list for most Premier League hat-tricks in a season, he scored a record 5 hat-tricks for Blackburn Rovers ( during the 1995-96 Premier League season)

Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero holds the record for most Premier League hat-tricks, with 12.

Haaland’s surprise is his attitude and low profile. He’s not complaining about just 12 touches in 45 minutes and he naturally wants to listen to Pep and play with the boys. That’s why he will fit in so easily and no MC will see him as a threat of any kind, but as a great striker who will help the team and everyone win titles.

Aguero probably never played a full season for City due to injury, but he won the golden boot and consistently scored over 20 goals per season. I think Haaland will be fine because he will be rested. Haaland makes matchdays so exciting, I’m literally in awe – watching Haaland in this city is poetic, how he uses his wits to make room for himself before attacking space and winning a header or a shot. His LONG LIMBS 😭 his legs 🦵 are huge, his 6ft 5in, he’s not human, he’s FAST but he doesn’t run, he gallops 🐎 The Premier League just got the box office.

Mbappe Rival Erling Haaland Scores Premier League Hat Tricks: Record Goals

Lyn Oluoch says if City got Kane or maybe Lewandowski they would score for fun too. The way Pep has revolutionized the way the game is played in town is simply out of this world. Alvarez, on the other hand, is like watching a combination of Tevez and Aguero. I’m really curious to see how they take on the UCL this season, I don’t think Arsenal have the depth to push them through a whole season and clinch the title and if they drop points at United next Sunday. This will essentially rule them out as title contenders.

Erling Haaland will win the Premier League title with multiple hat tricks

City will win it comfortably. Erling Haaland will win the Premier League title with multiple hat tricks. Alvarez is also doing great, as a United fan it’s hard to admit, but City are crazy. Teams can’t even hold a 2 goal lead over them, they are just amazing, let’s see what they do at UCL. Other than Manchester United butcher Lisandro Martinez, no one else can stop Haaland, Arsenal can make the top 4 but they won’t win the title, it’s a 38 game season.

‘Haaland wants to WIN TITLES! Records/goals DO NOT WIN titles!’ said Pep Guardiola.

What’s completely mind-boggling is the fact that Man City bought Haaland and Alvarez for a total of £65m.

What did Pep Guardiola say about Haaland’s EPL hat-tricks?

After Haland’s second hat-trick match, Pep Guardiola was asked if Haaland could break Agüero’s club record of 260 goals.
“Sergio is the legend. No one can break the position in the hearts of City fans, scoring the most important goal in the club’s modern history,” Guardiola said.

“I try to listen to Pep Guardiola and the boys as much as possible. They are amazing footballers, without them I can’t score goals. It’s about finding chemistry and listening to Guardiola.
“It’s fantastic. That’s why I came here. We play so well, we meet again, it’s going to be nice,” Haaland reacted.
Guardiola says Haaland is here to win titles and if he breaks records in the process that’s just a bonus, says it’s important to recognize how much other players help him with their own quality, talks about how Julian Alvarez has adapted to the league, what the presence of players like Haaland, or in the past Sergio Aguero, does for a team.

Alvarez and Haaland have settled into the team perfectly, how quickly the team as a whole seems to have settled into a rhythm – but they need to make sure they are solid, especially on set pieces to maintain control of matches; it’s the winning pedigree that Haaland and Alvarez bring.

The city is a team who spent a lot of money on transfers but other big clubs also spent a lot. Pep is a phenomenal manager but look at the transfers they got. They hit so many players big. Excellent tracking on their part. United and Chelsea have also spent a lot of money but don’t have City’s squad at the moment

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