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The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) said the controversies generated by the reassessment of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN); an innovation designed to harmonize and make transparent the processes of importing and clearing used vehicles at ports, were not necessary.

NCS Public Relations Manager Assistant Comptroller Timi Bomodi said arrangements are on track to further engage respective stakeholders following a protest two Mondays ago by clearing officers who crippled activities at Tin Can Island port and PTML terminal.

According to him, the Service dismissed agitations against what it considers a process intended to ensure “the automation, the simplification, the harmonization or even the transparency of the system”, saying that most of the individuals who protest against the introduction of VIN-Valuation don’t care about the ease of doing business.

Bomodi said the Service had received management complaints from stakeholders regarding inconsistencies in the valuation of used vehicles, decided to introduce the VIN Valuation Protocol which is an automated system intended to “eliminate the human interference of generating value for cars just so that we can have a consistent value, harmonizing system that is the same across the country.

“Customs didn’t do anything different than they always have. The only thing is that this protocol is automated and machine driven. We believe it is also in the interest of VIN facilitation,” he said, noting that the only novelty in the process is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to gather business data. representing a consistent range of values ​​for each car brand. and model using VIN.

Apart from the exorbitant valuation, leaders of registered freight forwarders associations operating at PTML Terminal and Tin Can Island Port in Lagos also alleged that the Service failed to take them into consideration before introducing VIN valuation.

“This is not correct because as early as January management made an effort to discuss VIN assessment with stakeholders and many of them agreed saying that the new automated system will revolutionize the system in terms of concerns the importation and clearance of used vehicles, so we are quite surprised at the kind of reactions from people filing these complaints,” he said in remarks. Television Channels.

Nonetheless, he assured that Customs is willing to re-engage all stakeholders on the issue and clarify any potential issues. “We had a series of meetings with stakeholders before introducing this protocol and we listened to their complaints.”

The protests over the anomalies in the VIN valuation system policy introduced by the NCS for imported vehicles began after the expiry of the 72 hour strike notice issued by all registered freight forwarders associations operating in the ports of Lagos .


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