Valuation disputes and disagreements: ADR could be the solution to dissolution


Valuation disputes arise in many contexts. Whether it’s a legal dispute over the dissolution of a business or a disagreement over equitable distribution in divorce proceedings, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a fast and cost-effective way to reach common ground.

Some of the most contentious legal disputes lawyers face involve the valuation of property that is the subject of competing claims. Avoiding tackling detailed valuation issues and the concomitant need for expert testimony, by putting the property up for sale and letting the market determine the value, is often not possible, or not feasible, or simply undesirable for one or more of them. the parts. There may be no market, or only a limited market, or it may not be possible to establish a protocol to ensure that a sale is fair and that the best price is obtained. The parties may disagree as to an appropriate list or asking price. Even if a sale is in progress, there may be resistance to closing the deal on the grounds that the price does not represent true value or that the sale process has been tainted in some way. What all of this means is that in many cases an agreement must be reached, or a decision made, as to the actual value of the property.

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