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It’s Saturday, which means it’s not a usual day for us to drop an episode. But what are we if not relentless at heart? So we are back today.

What do we have in store for you? I brought Anshu Sharma on the podcast – and a Twitter space, so be sure to follow the podcast, right? – to discuss interest rates, technology growth, start-up valuations and how they are all related. Sharma was the right person to have on the show because he’s been a great tech worker (Oracle, Salesforce), an investor (Storm Ventures and as an angel), and he’s a founder to boot. He has therefore traveled not only the block, but several in the world of technology over time.

TechCrunch has covered SkyFlow, its startup, a few times, including its latest fundraiser.

Sharma finds some of the market worries about rising rates hurting tech stocks silly. His thesis boils down to the value of growth over a longer time horizon than a spreadsheet fit for DCF could tell you. That said, rising rates will impact some seed inputs, like mid-term venture capital funds, so there was a lot to chew on.

We try to keep equity fairly high and focus on low profile events. But why have a show if you can’t use it to scratch your itch once in a while?

The pod is back on Tuesday due to a US holiday on Monday. We’ll talk later!

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