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Evaluation Kit

The EVA-54300-D Evaluation Kit provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate Series-5000 "Complete CNC System" as well as its free software package that includes SuperiorCNC, Machine Operator Interface, Sequencer, Labview Drivers, HPGL Converter and Experts API 32.
The evaluation kit provides the customer with a complete system sample of series 5000 components in order to experience and fully understand its abilities. The kit enables an immediate integration and operation of the system, using pre-assembled cables between all items.




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The new PMD-51031R low cost intelligent driver is capable of driving a 3 Amp stepper and controlling 3 external devices such as solenoids, heaters, valves, etc, while reading 3 general digital inputs and 2 limit switches. The general inputs may be used for handshaking and for machine synchronization.

The PMD-51031R includes a 20 Micro-step per step chopper driver with an auto power reduction at idling and high efficient output stage, designed for high speed driving.

The PMD-51031-R controller can be operated in one of the following ways:

  • Stand-alone
  • External clock & direction signals
  • Remote host through RS-232C serial port
  • PLC through discrete digital lines or serial port

Stand-alone operation made simple thanks to the general RS-232 port, that is useful at both downloading and debugging tasks, with a Single Step operation mode and programs library.

This intelligent driver makes an excellent cost effective replacement for many motion control systems including PC controllers, PLCs, Indexers, etc.

FCC and CE Approvals
We are proud to announce that 'Series-5000' products are FCC and CE approved, consolidating Superior Solutions'
strive in excellence of performance.

Series 5000
Motion Control Modular Building Blocks

This innovative line of products introduces a breakthrough in the field of motion control. Series-5000 products are easily integrated into any system and are capable of managing all machine control tasks at a most reasonable price. Advanced motor controllers, drivers, motors with an intelligent software, makes this series a first choice for any motion control task.
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